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Who is Legacy International?

If we would have to answer the question – Who is Legacy International? – in only one sentence, we would say that Legacy International is an award-winning company run by sports enthusiasts and business experts, with international experience in organizing sports events and providing consulting services. But we are, or we try to be so much more than that.

Our story officially begins in 2021, when driven by a wish to be the change-makers in the world of managing professional tennis tournaments, bring innovation, a fresh approach, and develop a global, synergistic, and multi-activity platform focused on the world of tennis and beyond, we founded Legacy International.

This allowed us to widen our scope of work and spread our vision beyond professional tennis tournaments, diving into other professional sports, as well.

Three years and 8 professional ATP, WTA, and ITF tennis tournaments in Serbia and the Balkan region later, we showed that tennis events of the highest quality can be and are so much more than just what happens on the courts.

Today, our expertise and services are spread across many different fields, from all-around sports event management to consulting services, business development, and beyond.

Through various challenges, organizational headaches, innovations, lessons learned, and positive feedback after each project, we developed as a team and organization.

If you still have a few blanks to fill out when it comes to – Who Legacy International is? – you are a few minutes and a few clicks away from finding out and creating your own vision.

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