26 January

Legacy International sponsors the first Padel Belgrade Open

With a wish to support the promotion and development of Padel in Serbia, Legacy International was one of the main sponsors of the first international Padel tournament in Belgrade – “Padel Belgrade Open”

In the era of increasing popularity of the sport, which quickly received the epithet of “the most interesting racket sport in the world”, in September 2023, an international padel tournament, named – Padel Belgrade Open, was held in Belgrade for the first time.

Held at one of the most attractive locations in the Serbian capital, on the Geozavoda plateau in “Belgrade Waterfront”, the tournament was played in three categories – Masters, Recreational and Mixed, hosting 44 teams form 6 countries. The most important Masters category featured teams from France, Greece, Italy, and Croatia, as well as two teams from Serbia.

The Legacy International company was one of the main sponsors and partners of this important event and continued to support the development of this globally popular sport in Serbia, both in the competitive and recreational segments, as well as club infrastructure throughout the country.

Before the start of the tournament, the organizers held a press conference, where one of the speakers was the director of Legacy International, Djordje Djokovic, in the role of an ambassador, sponsor and participant of the tournament.

“I am proud that I have been given the honor of representing our capital and country on the international stage of sports with the most dynamic development in the world, by participating in very strong competition at this tournament. I hope that the stands will be filled with spectators and visitors this weekend and that they will enjoy everything that Padel has to offer.  In order to further support the development of Padel in Serbia and the efforts of the organizers of this tournament, besides participating as a contestant, I also provided support through the sponsorship of my company Legacy International“, emphasized Djordje Djokovic.

After the press conference, in the Padel center that was built on the “Belgrade Waterfront“ promenade for the needs of the Padel Belgrade Open tournament, the participants of the conference, including one of the most important global promoters and experts for Padel – Pasquale Rizo from of Italy, played an exhibition match announcing the beginning of this sports spectacle.

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