25 January

National CSR award for Legacy International

Project “1 ticket – 1 tree”, which was implemented by the company Legacy International as part of the Serbia Open 2022 tennis tournament, won the “Djordje Vajfert ” National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility

Tennis tournament Serbia Open isn’t just one more sporting event. It is a platform for creating a positive impact and attitude towards environmental protection, as well as spreading awareness about important topics for the entire society.

The importance of this mindset and approach to work was proven by winning the National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility “Djordje Vajfert”, by Legacy International for the project “1 ticket – 1 tree”.

National Award for Corporate Social Responsibility “Djordje Vajfert” represents one of the most important recognitions for companies and organizations given by an official state institution, and it has been awarded by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia for the last 17 years. This award is given to the companies that stand out in their business, based on the principles of social responsibility in a transparent and sustainable way.

The Legacy International company was one of 15 awardees, and they represented the category of small and micro enterprises.

“Through this project, we wanted to give our country new “green” lungs and contribute to better air quality by planting new trees on almost 100 hectares of land, while eliminating more than 840,000 tons of CO2 from the air annually. Also, with this action, we wanted to encourage other sporting events and companies to follow our example and use their events and industries to make positive contributions. It would make us the happiest if, besides competition on the court, we would compete in the greening of our country. We are extremely proud of this important award, but even more for the fact that we accomplished this together with and thanks to thousands of tennis fans, who recognized our efforts and gave their contribution to the project”, emphasized Vojin Pusica and Sanja Petrovski, who were at the forefront of this project and who accepted this award for Legacy International.

Vojin Pusica and Sanja Petrovski, accepting the National CSR award

Project “1 ticket – 1 tree“, aimed to plant one tree in cities across Serbia for every ticket sold at the Serbia Open 2022 tournament. The results of the project consist of 36.000 new trees in 27 cities in more than 120 locations across Serbia.

Watch the award ceremony.

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